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Healthcare Then, Now, & Future...

Healthcare as we know it is changing. Electronic health (EHR) & medical (EMR) records, Tele-health, minimally invasive surgery (Robotics), greater operational/fiscal efficiency requirements are present issues/concerns of major importance.

Pricing transparency, medical/business ethics, integrity in the care delivery model and in individual personal interactions, are just a few of the areas of concern to which I share my voice and viewpoint. Fee for service has served its purpose and must go away, but to be replaced by what?

The impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic will reverberate through many parts of the world for years to come. So, what is the new model of healthcare? This question remains the present challenge for practitioners, insurers, and governing agents. The future is here, the plan is not...

The need for more Healthcare business and clinical voice collaboration, opinions, and change agents, now, and into tomorrow..

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Dr. HA Cooper

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